Layers: problems and solutions

So you have a poultry layers production unit? Or you’re thinking of establishing one? Maybe 100 birds, maybe 25? You will still benefit from this article! What can possibly go wrong anyway? Non layers:- Layers are egg-making machines. Or so we want to believe. But in a flock, you will always get the slackers, those which feed without producing. How do we detect them and … Continue reading Layers: problems and solutions

Stop the cattle deaths: what to do.

Today, I want to talk about what I may term “adaptive animal health management”. By this I mean managing the health of your animals in the face of a known specific disease threat. Tick-borne diseases:- Its incredible how many animals are dying in Zimbabwe from tick-borne diseases. One publication said Zimbabwe is losing 120 animals per week from January Disease. What do we know? We … Continue reading Stop the cattle deaths: what to do.

Feeding breeding stock.

Taruvinga Magwiroto In livestock projects, you can view your breeding stock as your chief capital investment. These are the animals that mate to give you offspring or young ones that you sell to make a profit. Needless to say, the profitability of your enterprise depends on the efficiency of your breeding. And efficiency of breeding depends on the way you manage your breeding stock. Today … Continue reading Feeding breeding stock.

Caring for young animals (Part 1)

Taruvinga Magwiroto One of the highlights of my college years was winning a joint award for caring for orphaned rabbit bunnies to adulthood. Why the award? Because if a rabbit dies within a week of giving birth, the odds of losing the whole batch of bunnies are very high! In fact, the Principal had challenged that we could not save even one of the young … Continue reading Caring for young animals (Part 1)

Dairy production: mastitis.

With contribution from P.E. Vingirai Today we talk about mastitis. Mastitis is critical in dairy because dairy animals are more at risk because of their genetics, but also because mastitis directly affects productivity and income for the dairy farmer. Mastitis is the inflammation of the udder caused by bacteria, i.e. Staphylococus agalactiae, Staphylococus pyogens, streptococcus dysagalactia, streptococcus aureus,streptococcus uberis,corynebacterium pyogens, pseudomonas and Escherichia coli. Mastitis … Continue reading Dairy production: mastitis.

Veterinary Drugs: use and misuse in livestock production.

By Taruvinga Magwiroto Today we want to talk about something that can really be problematic for farmers: working with drugs on the farm. I have seen some comical mistakes happening around the use and misuse of drugs. irrespective of weight Dosage:- The dosage is the quantity of drug that you should administer to the animal. Some really serious mistakes are being made here: I have … Continue reading Veterinary Drugs: use and misuse in livestock production.

Dystocia: Everything you need to know about difficult birth (part 1)

Taruvinga Magwiroto Dystocia is difficulty in giving birth. It is a stressful situation both to the animal and the owner. It induces a sense of powerlessness as you watch your animal struggling, and sometimes failing completely to deliver a live young one. So, what causes dystocia? We can classify the causes of dystocia under 3 headings: failure of expulsive forces; mal-disposition; and feto-pelvic disproportion. Failure … Continue reading Dystocia: Everything you need to know about difficult birth (part 1)

Managing your broiler project

I know many people doing poultry micro-projects. Broiler production is the most popular with small holders, because of the quick turnover of capital that it affords. While you make profits quickly, you can make losses equally fast if you are not an efficient farmer! Today we talk about areas where you can get it wrong, and how to avoid those slip-ups. YOUR AIM Your aim/target … Continue reading Managing your broiler project

Doing Dairy: Success factors.

By Taruvinga Magwiroto Somebody requested me to write something about dairy production. I will talk about start-up, breeds and production targets and management tips to achieve your targets. Which breeds? Without exception, everyone intending to get into dairy farming will start with a decision about which breed to buy. Here are some considerations. Bigger is not always better: – somebody told me they are new … Continue reading Doing Dairy: Success factors.